Have a question? Your answer may be listed here. If you need to contact us, simply email us at hello@saltandtin.com.


When will my order ship? 

At Salt & Tin, we do not keep large quantities on hand. We hand craft our products once your order is placed and ship within 14 days.


How much is shipping?

Our shipping charges are based on the weight of your order and zip code it is shipping to. Our website calculates this for you during the check out process.

 Due to the weight of our candles, we are not able to offer first class shipping on any candle order. 


Do you ship internationally?

We are sorry, but at this time we do not.


Can I make changes to my order? 

Please make sure your order is correct and complete before checkout, we are unable to make changes or cancellations after it has been placed. 


Do you take custom requests?

We do take custom bulk orders. They are mostly for wedding/party favors, gifts, etc. Please email us with your inquiries at hello@saltandtin.com


Do you recommend a cure time?  

Our candles and melts are highly scented and can be burned immediately, however, wax will throw best after 1-2 weeks of curing. Curing wax is easy, just refrain from melting.


So, what’s throw?

Throw is the amount of scent that wax emits.  There are two types of throw: cold and hot.  Cold throw is the scent of the wax in it's solid state. Hot throw is the scent of the melted wax. Throw amount can vary with different factors such as: temperature of the wax warmer, room temperature, room size, fans and air conditioning, wax blend and type of wax, and the fragrance oil itself.

 If you are consistently melting wax or burning candles you may become desensitized to the fragrance, we call it “nose blind” if this happens we recommend you take a break from using home fragrances for a week or two. 


But are they edible?

While our products do look and smell super yummy, none of our products are for consumption.  


Lost/Stolen Items: 

Unfortunately, as soon as we deliver to USPS for delivery to you, it is out of our hands and out of our control. At this point, the most helpful source of information is your tracking number and your local USPS branch office. Please contact your local USPS branch and give them the tracking number for more information.

If an order is marked as "Delivered" but you have not received it, please verify the shipping address is correct. Check with anyone who may have picked up the package. Call or take the tracking number to your local USPS branch for more information. Salt and Tin is not responsible for packages that have been stolen or otherwise lost. If it has been marked as "Delivered," we cannot file an insurance claim as USPS deems their responsibility completed at this point


What if I receive a broken/damaged product?

Please always open your packages asap to ensure your order arrived safely. If they did not, please send us a photo of the breakage/damage to hello@saltandtin.com along with your full name and order number and we’re happy to send a replacement. Please be careful discarding the glass!


Refund Policy:

Due to the nature of our products we do not offer refunds or exchanges.  


Payment Policy:

Payment is required at the time of checkout.  We do not store any payment methods so we are unable to edit orders after they are placed.


Contact Us:

Hey friends! If you have any questions please contact us at hello@saltandtin.com


Business hours:

Monday- Friday 8am-5pm

However, our website is always open!


If you are local to Lebanon, TN please contact us before order placement to inquire about local distribution. Remember, once an order is placed we can not make changes.